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Analysis of PPC and SEO Campaigns

Is your PPC campaign effective? Is your SEO strategy working?

It's not easy. It can be a confusing and complex task. Especially when you would rather spend your time running core business activities rather than poring over obscure statistics and dabbling in the finer points of web analytics.

Why not outsource the whole thing to experts with a proven track record of success?

The UKDS team of over 100 Internet professionals and analysts have an unequalled experience of analysing PPC and SEO campaigns. We will go through each and every aspect of your PPC and SEO strategy, sift through hours and hours of data, calculate your ROI and draft a plan for further improvements to maximise your sales. The results can often be dramatic. Some of our clients have more than doubled their sales and found their website on the first page of major search engines!

Our Analysis

As part of your analysis, our online strategists will evaluate all key components of your search-marketing efforts:

  • Identify issues and weaknesses in your campaign
  • Detect unwanted clicks by browsers (for which you should demand refunds)
  • Reveal whether your PPC campaign is meeting your desired goals
  • Identify click fraud and clicks from your competitors aimed at exhausting your advertising budget
  • Evaluate if the keywords you have selected are appropriate and how to eliminate their inefficiencies
  • Conduct keywords conversion analysis
  • Assess your advertisements and ad text in terms of effectiveness and grabbing the attention of potential visitors
  • Review and optimise your landing page for optimisation
  • Calculate your true conversion rate
  • Assess the rank of your website in various search engines
  • Identify inefficient and improperly configured PPC accounts

To fully empower and optimise your PPC and SEO campaigns, they use the latest analysis tools and techniques:

  • Geo-targeting - target your ads to specific locations and languages
  • User profiling
  • Content analysis and improvement
  • Advertisement variations and associated statistics
  • Analysing click-through-rate (CTR) versus conversion rate
  • Comparison of the PPC and SEO strategies of your competitors

No one does as thorough and comprehensive an analysis of your PPC and SEO strategy. We will:

  • Develop a very effective bidding strategy that saves you money
  • Suggest alterations for your website content, format and conversion architecture
  • Plan for sales maximisation
  • Recommend improvements and compile a tactical plan to improve core metrics
  • Compile a link-building plan for SEO campaign

Our Guarantee

Our in-depth analysis empowers you to take your campaigns to the next level while retaining total charge of your online assets. Our analysis of your PPC and SEO campaigns and its conclusions and recommendations are backed by our Risk-Free GUARANTEE.

Under our "No ROI, No Fee" Guarantee, we will estimate how much you will save by following our strategic advice. If we don't make or save any money on your current advert expenses, we won't charge a single penny, guaranteed! No other PPC and SEO optimisation company offers this kind of guarantee and stakes its entire fee on its performance.

Want to know how you can benefit from our cutting-edge analysis of your PPC and SEO campaign and see a drastic boost in your sales conversions while still retaining full control of the entire process? Click here to contact us.