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Want to Put Your PPC Campaign on Steroids?!

Pay Per Click (PPC) is the most cost-effective form of advertising ever devised. For most Internet-based companies PPC is the number one profit generating marketing tool. Advertising your business in search engines such as Yahoo!, MSN and Google has many benefits:

  • Focus: advertise to potential customers exactly when they are actively searching for the type of goods or services you sell
  • Precision: precisely target your advertising at potential customers by selecting specific keywords you know they use
  • Budgeting: absolute control over your advertising spend - stop the PPC campaign anytime or set a fixed daily limit on costs
  • Performance: accurately measure the success of your PPC campaign by using Web analytics, making mid-campaign adjustments if required
  • Immediate Results: A PPC campaign can start delivering results almost immediately, often in minutes

The reach of Internet search engines is staggering. For example, over 47 million people use Yahoo! every day and 2.4 billion searches are conducted each month. Unfortunately, not all PPC campaigns are successful. Many flounder because of inexperience, lack of insight into customer search behaviour, the wrong choice of keywords, lack of time or poorly thought out marketing strategies.

There really is no substitute for professional expertise and extensive practical experience, backed by Web analytics and proven statistics as well as knowledge of customer psychology; UKDS know what works and what doesn't.

If you want guaranteed, fast and profitable results from your PPC campaign, then don't gamble your money; you need a reputed and well-established search marketing company such as UKDS to manage it for you.

What UKDS can Do for You

We are the UK's premier search-engine marketing experts. Our highly experienced and qualified PPC management specialists can administer all aspects of your PPC campaign:

  • Prepare an optimised and precise keyword list
  • Design an inexpensive but very effective bidding strategy
  • Organise your campaign into highly customer-targeted and product or service-themed ad groups
  • Write and design attention-grabbing advertisements
  • Increase the cost-effectiveness, efficiency and precision of your PPC campaign
  • Significantly improve your conversion rate
  • Drastically increase traffic to your website
  • Generate more ROI for the same advertising budget
  • Reduce ad spend to attract the same number of visitors

"No ROI, No Fee" Policy

We offer a No-Quibble 100 Percent Money-Back Guarantee. If we do not manage to increase your conversion rate or decrease your ad spend for the same number of online visitors, we will refund your money. No other search marketing company in the UK offers this guarantee of performance.

Steps to PPC Success

Our PPC experts ensure the online success of your business. Regardless of the type of business you have, we diligently take the following steps to create an effective, value-for-money PPC advertising strategy:

  • Understanding Your Business: Our experts study your business - its metrics, customer profile, sales strategy and commercial objectives. This information helps us decide the format and performance parameters of your PPC campaign.
  • Preparing the Keyword List: This is the most crucial step in the entire process. The success of your PPC campaign depends directly on choosing the right keywords that the customers use to search for your products or services. Preparing an optical keyword list (include base keywords and their modifiers) involves a great deal of strategic planning and insight into customer behaviour.
  • Competitive Advantage: It is very important to carry out a study of the PPC strategies of your competitors, understand their strengths and weaknesses and use the results to optimise your PPC campaign.
  • Creating Advertisements: Your advertisements have to be simple, attractive and enticing. The keywords have to be strategically placed within the text so that the ad grabs the attention of all potential customers.
  • Creating the Landing Page: Getting a customer to click on your ad is only half the story. The other half is the landing page. This is the page of your website on which the customers will land after clicking the ad. Landing page optimization is the key to increasing your conversion rate. It should be relevant, appealing and have a 'call-to-action' - actively sell your products and services to your potential customers.
  • Web Analytics and Conversion Tracking: Once launched, the PPC campaign has to be constantly tracked and analysed using powerful web analytics tools. The analysis of each visitor's click-through trail from the search-engine to your website enables us to quickly fine-tune your PPC strategy to make it even more cost-effective and efficient. The performance of the campaign is constantly judged against your performance parameters and your advertising optimised to increase your website's conversion rate.

Free Online Audit of Your PPC Strategy

Want to know what difference we can make to the PPC campaign you are currently running or planning? Get a FREE no-strings-attached online audit of your PPC strategy from our experts. They will analyse your PPC campaign and produce a detailed audit identifying exactly how our PPC specialists will help you. We will tell you in advance how much you can save (or profit) from using our highly-acclaimed PPC management service.

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