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Privacy Policy

UKDS is 100 % committed to protecting the privacy, confidentiality and security of our website users' data. We appreciate and understand that you may not want to share with anyone else the information you provide us with.

Privacy and Confidentiality

UKDS does not sell, rent, loan or offer the personal information provided by you to third parties without your consent. We may use the information to contact you and notify you about promotional offers and new products and services introduced by us. The use of data related to feedback and marketing surveys collected by us is restricted to further improving our services and operations.

We may ask you to provide personal information from time to time such as your name, address, telephone, email, post code and other details that will allow us to serve you better. This information is used by us to provide the services you have requested from us and carry on legitimate and routine activities related to our work.

UKDS may disclose your personal information if such disclosure is required by law and by an order of a court or tribunal, or is needed for litigation purposes.

We use cookies to keep a record of your interactions with your website. If you so wish, you can set your browser options so that you will not receive cookies and delete exiting cookies from your browser.


UKDS is one of the very few Internet-based companies to employ military strength security software, a fulltime security officer and security team working 24/7, making daily penetration and system tests, to ensure our users' security.

We deal with all information related to you in a very responsible and sensitive manner. We have put in place extremely secure systems, processes and specialised software that have been thoroughly tested by experts. These offer a very high degree of security to secure and protect your information from loss, misuse, theft, unauthorised access, destruction, modification, copying or disclosure to a third party.