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Currently, 99.7% of our customers say they are 'Very Satisfied' with our service.

"According to my accountancy boys you've made me 13K in extra sales and saved me over 2K in advertising costs in the last 6 months. I'm pleasantly surprised and extremely grateful!"

Sanjay Patel, Internet Manager, Intel-Mi - February 2009

"I've never written a testimonial before because I've never been so impressed before! I honestly have no doubt that without your help we would probably have closed the business by now. If you had not defined a niche for us and targeted our online marketing so precisely, I think we would have gone bust. Now I only see good times ahead - our sales are up by 600% and our ROI for online marketing is excellent."

Karen K. Klass, Klassy Interiors - February 2009

"I've worked with UKDS since 2007. The knowledge they have applied has moved our lead products up to the top results in most search engines - accounting for approximately 35% of our new business. They offer a very friendly, very professional, well-rounded SEO service that really gets results."

Andrew Kean, Marketing Manager, E-Shoote - January 2009

"There has been a real increase in the number of online enquiries we've been getting since you worked on our web site. I honestly hadn't realized what a difference that is has made for us financially. I want to say thanks. Well done, Jim."

Alan Maclaren, The Sponsorship Shop - January 2009

"Having tried a number of differing methods for generating more business we decided to give search engine optimisation a try. Since choosing this online marketing strategy we have seen a massive increase in sales-related calls from customers that have found our business by using Google. We owe this to UKDS. Thank you very much!"

Richard Bennett, First Come First Served - January 2009

"Incredible - just like 'hands-free PPC' marketing!"

Kenneth Manners, Director, Ponson And Ponson - December 2008

"I really appreciate how quickly you get back to me. Your customer service is superb!"

Michael Thomas, Spicy Spanner - December 2008

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