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Currently, 99.7% of our customers say they are 'Very Satisfied' with our service.

"Google advertising has opened the world's market place to our businesses - all for a fraction of the cost of our magazine, TV, radio, newspaper and magazine advertising."

Ashley Bea, Medscan - July 2008

"Thank you for your help to date, so far your service has been excellent. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone."

Christopher Whitehead, Whitehead Signs - July 2008

"Like many businesses, we made a heavy investment in designing and producing a product and then having an e-commerce website built, but we only secured a tiny customer base at a huge cost. UKDS took us to profitability in the first 8 weeks. We are looking forward to working with UKDS for the foreseeable future."

Tracy Black, Marketing Manager, Pdsa Co - June 2008

"Working with your expert Ad Words team was the best business decision we ever made!"

Bernard Samuels, Samuels And Sons - April 2008

"Excellent customer service, your staff were very quick to response to all my enquiries and called me back the same day. They were very helpful, friendly and efficient. Thanks, keep it up!"

Valerie Lucas, Intelligent Council - February 2008

"Before using UKDS we struggled to get any sales leads, but thanks to UKDS, that's not a problem for us any more. We tried a few different PPC management companies but they were very expensive and did not provide anywhere near the results UKDS do. The guys at UKDS increased our ROI to over 300% in just a few weeks! "

Mark Hughes, Director, Hughes Home Renta - February 2008

"I now spend about 30% less on my online marketing. I should have called you sooner. Thanks UKDS!!!"

Jason Spader, Jackson Farm Services - February 2008

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