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Currently, 99.7% of our customers say they are 'Very Satisfied' with our service.

"My dedicated account manager is a true professional! He always seems to find me more keywords that bring in sales!"

Alun Conway, Use It Or Lose It - January 2008

"We tried managing PPC ourselves and we employed other PPC companies in the past, but you, by far, have brought in the most new sales! Many Thanks!"

Ken Bevoir, The Caring Co - January 2008

"Thank you, Thank you! You truly do deliver on pay-per-click results! My business now processes more than ten times as many sales as before you took over our PPC account."

Stan Mason, Manager, Young And Unsung - December 2007

"I'm very pleased to tell you that we are extremely happy with the SEO and PPC campaigns and wish to continue to use your services. Therefore, please recommend how you propose we can expand the campaigns further and make eve better use of our advertising?"

Kim Gray, Lingfield, Gray And Radford - November 2007

"The Google campaign that was run for us by UKDS more than paid for itself in terms of sales within a few months. Our account manager Jamie is always very helpful and works with us to get the best out of our campaign."

Morris Turner, Active Snow - November 2007

"I can't believe the amazing results we are getting after the few tweaks you made to our online marketing campaign - you have saved us thousands!"

Robert Thomas, Nv And Xtc - September 2007

"You raised my website traffic by almost 300% in the last 2 months. Thanks, I really appreciate your help."

Tom Peters, Cashville - July 2007

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